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Teclast X30

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Re:Teclast X30
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A ver si mañana pone algo.... :espera:

Re:Teclast X30
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Ese T59 tiene muy buena pinta, un poco grande con respecto T51, pero si suena igual de bién... yo todavía tengo el T50 y de sonido bastante decente, ahora lo tiene mi hijo, vete a quitarselo  :jejeje: :jejeje: :jejeje:, y ahora que recuerdo lo compré de segundamano, y el tio todavía vive, no está mal para ser chinorris, parece que cada vez lo fabrican mejor, y más durables, lo dicho habrá que hecharle un ojillo a ese T 59....  saludos
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Re:Teclast X30
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El 'pollo' dice que a finales de semana pondrá las primeras impresiones y fotos. A ver que tal.

Re:Teclast X30
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Bueno parece que ya va 'soltando' algo.

Cito del original :
The X30's bass boost is only the MicrosoftPlayFX Bass setting, which is a software EQ, that is "fun" for electronic, rap, and other stuff, but as per lvrhs' information, and the design of the circuit on the X19HD (thought I have still to hear it), the X19HD will be a much cleaner design, and sound better overall. There are already reports of good sound quality (apparently very nice indeed) for the X19HD, while there is a different "level" (i.e. somewhat "less") for the X30.


I have currently spent much of my time trying to get information and through trial and error with the downloaded firmware (which includes the Rockchip Batch Tool) to upgrade my X30 firmware to the latest xx.xx.20, which I'm hoping will fix the 2 major issues I'm having: the first 2~4 seconds of some songs are not "read" or played, and the device "forgets" its customized (i.e. changed language and other...) settings upon shutdown.


I couldn't really reccomend the X30 honestly until I can confirm that a firmware update can take care of those two as I put them "glaring" issues. If it is a matter of raw SQ, I'd give a nod to the X19HD myself, as I only got the X30 for it's looks, card slot (which was missing in the X19HD) and to test its viability as a basic sansa fuze replacement.


Now, as for general impressions of the X30's SQ, it is cleaner and more detailed than the Fuze, without being thin, but it isn't as mellow or bassy, by a smidge. That's my general feel. although it has yet to be broken in by the customary 100 to 300 hours most devices with capacitors and such forth need to "open up" et cetera.


If only I can get the firmware to play nice, and if it fixes the problems, I think I can be happy with what I got the X30 for, and maybe have some fun trying to squeeze some extra bass into it by capacitor rolling, as I've already opened it up, and peeked inside (yeah, i have pics, I haven't got them off my cam yet), but it's a fairly easy affair and some SMD Niobium Oxide type or that in conjunction with the boxy WIMA type or the boxy type all alone may do some good.


In any case, my time toying around with the X30 is still fresh, and as I said, I plan to have something substantial posted by end of week.


Thanks for your patience.


To recap, if SQ is your highest priority, I'll defer to the reviews on the X19HD, and reccomend that, if you neeeeeeeed a card slot, perhaps the X30 will cut it, but I'd wait till myself or somebody else can confirm a firmware later than version 1 will fix the "glaring" problems I mentioned.


Happy Shopping

Por lo que entiendo parece ser que el nivel de audio está un escalón por debajo del X19 y que el firmware tiene algunos defectillos.

Re:Teclast X30
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Bueno pues el forero de head-fi ha puesto más información y me he quedado flipando.
¡Cada vez que se enciende el repro vuelve a estar en chino y hay que memorizar el proceso de cambio de idioma!
Supongo que futuras actualizaciones de firmware arreglarán esto pero me sorprende que lancen al mercado un aparato tan 'verde' en este sentido.