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HTC U11, vaya audio, brutal!

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HTC U11, vaya audio, brutal!
« en: 11 de Noviembre de 2017, 10:23:53 pm »
Buenas compis, me acabo de comprar hace 3 días mi nuevo HTC U11 de procedencia asiática, 6 de RAM y 128 gigas, una bestia.
No voy a hablar de otra cosa sino del audio, es lo más sublime que he escuchado desde el gran meizu pro 5.
Audio super alto, nítido, si el HTC u ultra sonaba bien, el U11 suena y no miento mucho mejor, HTC vaya mano tienes para el audio, he tenido el LG V10 y el LG g5 con el dac de audio Bang olufsen y esto suena mejor...

A parte viene con unos auriculares muy muy buenos, los usonic de HTC, que cancelan el ruido exterior totalmente.

Vaya descubrimiento, señores, esto si es un móvil con buen audio, a falta de haber probado el V30, pero he tenido el Samsung S8 plus y ni se le acerca..

Mirad lo que dice gsmarena sobre el audio

"USonic earbuds

HTC first introduced its USonic headphones on the HTC Bolt, which was coincidentally the first HTC device without a headphone jack. With the U11, HTC is debuting a new feature to its USonic earbuds: active noise cancellation. The included earbuds can actively cancel background noise thanks to all the processing of extraneous noise taking place on the phone rather than in the earbuds.

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Toggling active noise cancellation

In addition to ANC, the USonic earbuds can be tailored to any person wearing them. Sonar sensors in the earbuds detect the echo in your ear canals and create an optimal profile.

The calibration process involves a short static noise emitted through the earbuds. The whole process takes about 5 seconds from tapping "Start Scanning Now".

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Creating a custom audio profile

The sound quality coming from these earbuds are light-years ahead of the "AKG" earbuds that Samsung bundled with its Galaxy S8. In fact, HTC demoed USonic to us by comparing the sound output from the bundled AKG earbuds hooked up to an S8.

It's very difficult to put perceived sound into words, but if we had to describe it: HTC's USonic earbuds are like if music was deconstructed and reconstructed to where you can hear all the instruments. It's truly something you need to hear for yourself.

HTC should set up demo booths around shopping malls showing off both Boom Sound and USonic. We feel these are one of the better selling points of the phone.

Great audio output

The HTC U11 did splendidly in the first part of our audio test. When hooked to an active external amplifier it delivered very loud and perfectly accurate output.

When headphones come into play the volume remains nicely high and the only reading to take a hit is stereo crosstalk. It's a moderate amount of damage there while all the other aspects of the performance remaining excellent. It's a great showing overall."