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Buenas !

Aprovechare una review que he hecho en ingles para Head-Fi, cualquier critica es bien recibida :)

Pros: Amazing materials, construction and overall build quality
Very comfortable
Carry case
Soft pads

Cons: Sound quality under expected
Max volume very low
Led blinking with a strong light, very annoying if you use them on a dark room like for example, use them to watch tv on your bedroom
First first of all, this is my very first review so please, don't judge me at all. Then, I would like to thank to HiFiMAN for the opportunity to join me the loan and let me try these cans. Im gonna try to be very objective and put my real opinion, I don't want to be a gentleman just because they gave the opportunity to try them, period.

The package that I received was very good sealed and basically contains the package where the headphones were contained.

And another one of the rear with the specifications which basically are resumed to:

Bluetooth connectivity (but wired too through USB-C)
HWA certified (Hi-Res Wireless Audio)
aptX and aptX HD

Once you open the package you see the carry case which basically occupies all the box.

And then, the inside of the carry case with enough space for the headphones and a small bag with the cables:
Small detachable microphone

(Sorry but I don't have a better one of the cans)

On top of that we will find an User manual and a Warranty Card to ensure the authenticity of the product.

Told that, the gear that I used to test them is:

On a portable side:
iBasso DX220 on Android mode (Fidelizer Advanced rom)
Fiio Q5
iPhone X jailbroken (EQE app installed which allows you to EQ any app)
On a desktop side
iMac 27"
First, I just used them on a Bluetooth mode, avoiding to use them wired as I think that this kind of product are developed to be used on a wireless mode so just used them on this way. The idea of this setup its to try the spirit of this cans, the mobility. Of course that all the tests were made at home because use this kind of headphones outside its a nonsense (at least for me) but that contradicts in fact with the portability of the equipment so I final state that this pair was made to stay at home and have some kind of freedom in somehow but that's all...

Once I pulled out of the package, I just pressed the button and I saw a blue light and listened an internal beep, signal that the cans were turned on. You need to press for a long (something like 3 seconds) to start the pair mode where the led blinks on a green and blue mode. My first attempt was with my iMac using Tidal Master and my first feel was related with the low volume and a low capacity of sound once you reach the max volume. I suppose that its more related with the power of the source more than the destination but im not a high expert on this technology so its just my impression.

Then I tried with the iBasso DX220 playing some local FLAC music (16 and 24 bits) and I noticed a big improvement but again I think its more related with the power of the iBasso more than the file played as I tried with a streaming radio app, TuneIn and the sound was improved too in comparison with the iMac but pretty disappointed again with the max volume which I think its very low, I don't know why, really, its a 1.000$ headphone, it should be able to reach more than what is offering but who knows, maybe im doing something wrong.

My next try was with my iPhone X but as I mentioned, mine is jailbroken and I have installed a tweak called EQE which basically allows you to apply EQ to any app and trust me, it improves the sound dramatically so with this third try I can state that the power source/balance/eq its very important to obtain a good result. On this try I played some local files, used the same streaming radio app as before (TuneIn) and some other platforms such as Spotify and Tidal Masters again. 3rd time disappointed with the max volume, very low even using the EQE tweak which is supposed to give to you more juice.

And the last try, my LG tv on my bedroom. Basically I wanted to test how can you use this setup to see your tv shows or movies. The most frustrating thing (and for me its a terrible point) its related with the led. It blinks every 3 to 4 seconds and oh god, it blinks so hard... that the room lights up whole. I was more attentive to the led blinking than the tv show/movie. Aaaaaaaand again, max volume on a very low side...

At this point maybe someone can think that im suffering some ears problems or hearing loss but its very ironic, I went the last Friday to make me an audition test and im perfect. I usually use the same setups but with my Andromeda S and a Fostex TH610. For my work (im an IT infrastructure architect working most of the times in the office but in some datacenter too and flying) so I have a pair of QC35 and Sony WH-1000XM3 and all of them are sounding better or worse but with a very good power and quality. With the HiFiMAN cans I was expecting a very good headphones but I should say that I was very disappointed and I would never buy them as I see that there are so many different options in the market that for me, they are not worth it...

So, on a explained resume

- The soundstage for me its inexistent on this kind of headphones
- Low bass/medium, noticeable highs and I fact I enjoyed this range but that's all
- Very very comfortable but the cans are very big, maybe someone with a small head/small ears can notice that are a little uncomfortable
- Very resistant and high quality construction materials
- Battery life its pretty good
- Carry bag as a very good quality

In any case, I would like to thank again to HiFiMAN for the opportunity, I just wanted to reflect my sincere opinion.

Thanks !