ARCHOS AV500 30GB (In Spain)

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Ya está a la venta en España, más concretamente en Pez8... aquí sus precios y características...

Precio: 375,95 € (436,10 € con IVA 16%)

Disponibilidad: Generalmente listo para ser enviado en 24 ~ 48 horas.

 Record directly from TV  

After installing the TV docking pod in a one-time set-up operation, record directly television programs, movies and home videos directly from your TV, VCR, DVD player2, cable box or satellite receiver (PAL & NTSC) ... and watch on the go! With the integrated scheduler you can program your recording. Schedule for a week or even a month.  


   Play Video  

Play back your favourite programs on the the 4" widescreen or on any external screen with a near DVD quality. Play Windows Media®, protected Windows Media®4 and MPEG-46 video files. The AV 500 offers many functionalities such as slow motion, adjustable screen size, video editing or even a video bookmarking function.  


 Photo wallet  

The AV 500 acts as a great digital photo companion accessory. Transfer up to one million photos1 directly from your digital camera or from another mass storage device using the built-in USB host connection. Thanks to the high speed USB 2.0 connector, download pictures from your computer. Organize photos and watch them in slideshows on the AV 500 screen or any external display.  



The AV 500 has a USB Host Port enabling you to copy, share, connect and transfer files directly from other powered mass storage devices. Additionally, the AV 500 is recognized as a mass storage drive on your PC or Mac enabling you to store any computer files using the high-speed USB 2.0 interface (backward USB 1.1 compatible at a lower speed).  


 Music Player  

The AV 500 features a music player. Easily organize songs with the enhanced ARCLibrary and customize your view by artist, album, type of music, title, year, and play lists without having to use a computer. The AV 500 also offers an audio recording application to record (encoding in real time) in WAV (PCM or ADPCM), from almost all analog stereo sources. You can also use the stereo microphone if you want to record notes and consult them easily.  


   PC autosync  

With the AV 500 you may purchase, download, subscribe to or rent protected video and music content from the Microsoft PlaysForSure™ websites. Using the high-speed USB 2.0 interface, the AV 500 will easily auto-synchronize this content with Windows Media® Player 10 each time you connect it to your PC, or convert your Windows Media® Player 10 library content to one of the many compatible formats (MP3, WMA, WAV, protected WMA, MPEG-4, WMV and protected Windows Media Video4).  


1  On average; based on 3.5 mins/song & 64 kbits/s WMA (for better quality 128 Kbit/s or more recommended), on 500 kbits/s MPEG-4 audio/video encoding and 1h30/movie (for near DVD Quality 1500 Kbits/s encoding or more recommended), on JPEG, VGA.
2  External video output disabled for Macrovision®-protected contents.
3  Only cameras compatible with Mass Storage Class USB.
4  Microsoft WMV9 Simple Profile up to 352x288@30f/s and 800 KBit/s ; supports WM DRM.
5  Battery life may vary with use.
6   MPEG-4 SP with B-Frames AVI (MPEG-4: ISO standard by Moving Picture Experts Group ; AVI: audio/video file container by Microsoft) up to 720x480@30f/s NTSC or 720x576@25f/s PAL; has not been certified by DivX, Inc., may not read all DivX® 4.0 & 5.0 files; does not read DivX® 3.11 & 6.0 files; DivX® registered trade mark of DivXNetworks, Inc.  


Capacity:  30 GB* Hard drive  100 GB* Hard drive  
store up to 130 hours of video1, 85 movies1, 15,000 songs1 or 300,000 photos1  store up to 400 hours of video1, 250 movies1, 55,000 songs1 or 1,000,000 photos1  

Display:  4" LCD 480x272 pixels, 262 000 colours and TV output.  
Video recording:  MPEG-46 SP and stereo sound, optimised resolution for TV up to 640x480 @ 30 f/s, in AVI format.  
Video playback:  MPEG-46 SP with B-Frames with stereo sound. Near DVD quality up to 720x480 @ 30 f/s (NTSC), 720x576 @ 25 f/s (PAL), AVI file format. WMV9 (including protected files) up to 352x288 @ 30 f/s, and 800 KBit/s4.  
Music recording:  From an analog source in stereo sound for WAV (PCM & ADPCM) format.  
Music playback:  Stereo MP3 decoding @ 30-320 kb/s CBR & VBR, WMA (including protected WMA files), WAV (PCM & ADPCM).  
Photo viewer:  JPEG (except progressives) or BMP.
Download photos from computer through USB 2.0 port.
Transfer photos from digital camera3 through USB Host port.
AV connections:  Earphones / Audio & Video line out.
TV pod with video pass through, AV in & out cables (SCART In & Out for European version) and IR emitter cable for tuner control of VCR, cable box or satellite receiver.  
Speaker:  Built-in speaker.
Built-in microphone.  
Interfaces:  USB 2.0 high-speed device, compatible USB 1.1, PC & Mac.
USB Host port compatible Mass Storage Device.  
Battery life:  Up to 15 hours5 for music.
Up to 4.5 hours5 for video on built-in LCD.
Removable battery (additional battery - optional - 3 different models)
Scalability:  Download firmware updates from  
Minimum system requirements:  For TV, VCR, Cable box, or satellite receiver connection:
Audio & video in/out RCA jacks (connection TV cable(s) provided in box - including SCARTs for EU version)

For computer connection:
• Minimum computer configuration:
PC with Windows® ME, or 2000, and USB 2.0 port. Macintosh® G3 with MAC OS v10.2.4 or higher, Macintosh® G3 and USB 2.0 port.
• Minimum configuration for Playsforsure™ content:
PC with Windows® XP SP1 or higher operating system, Windows Media® Player 10 or higher, and USB 2.0 port.
Power source:  Internal: rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery.
External: AC charger/adapter.  
Dimensions:  For 30 GB* model approx.: 7.6 x 12.4 x 1.8 cm - 3 x 4.9 x 0.7 "
For 100 GB* model approx.: 7.6 x 12.4 x 2.4 cm - 3 x 4.9 x 0.9 "
For 100 GB* model with optional super battery pack approx.:
 7.6 x 12.4 x 3.2 cm - 3 x 4.9 x 1.2 "  
Weight:  For 30 GB* model: 255 g - 8.99 oz
For 100 GB* model: 315 g - 11.11 oz
For 100 GB* model with optional super battery pack approx.: 430 g - 15.16 oz  
Package includes:  AV 500, USB 2.0 cable, USB host adapter, AC adapter & charger, stereo headphones, protective case, user guide, TV Cradle, remote control (with batteries), audio/video cables (SCART in and SCART out for European version).


Mola  :D  :D

Desde luego yo creo que en cuanto a funciones de video yo creo que es el más completo. La batería no es extraordinaria pero parece bastante decente para lo que tragan estos dispositivos... además es extraible. Es mas pequeño que una PSP y en las fotos parece que está bien acabado.

Lastima la radio fm pero supongo que la experiencia de Archos en estos disposivos se nota, porque a parte de estar pensados como reproductores  portatiles tambien sirven como reproductor/grabador para la televisión.
Reproductores:  Sonys: X1060,S205F, S639, S545, E465, A846, HD5, HD3 y HD1, Philips HDD1830, Samsung YH-820, Olympus m:robe 500, Sansa Clip Zip, Iriver B100, MPMan F10
Auriculares: Westone UM3x
No uses mp para lo que se puede preguntar en el foro.


Para mi junto al Creative Zen Vision es lo mejorcito en le pusiésemos la radio del Creative...y la calidad de televisión del Archos...saldría la perfección hecha PMP   :lol: